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GCH ++*B Hallcienda “Frosty Marvin”

 The following photos appeared in the 1983 Frosty Marvin article:

GCH ++*B Hallcienda Frosty Marvin (1972 - 1982)

(photo taken at 4 months of age)

GCH +*B Naja Goliath-Halls Doll

(Marvin’s Grandsire)

Hallcienda Noel 6*M

(Dam of Frosty Marvin)

GCH ++*B Hallcienda Antony

(Sire of Frosty Marvin)

GCH Hallcienda Cleopatra 6*M

(Marvin’s Granddam)

 Pepperwood Farm Animals

Pepperwood Farm Frosty Shalina *M

Pepperwood Farm

Frosty Alina, Frosty Shannon, Frosty Holly

Frosty Marvin Get of Sire

Pepperwood Farm Frosty Mandy *M

Pepperwood Farm Frosty Mindy 2*M

Grand Champions

GCH +*B Cook’s Rancho Mel’s Little Nick

GCH The Hobbit Hill’s Bit O’ Bluett

GCH Cook’s Rancho Half Pint 5*M

GCH Pepperwood Farm Frosty Emily 2*M

GCH Devi’s Bear River Mirage 7*M

GCH Cook’s Rancho Pepper 5*M

Top Ten Daughters

Hurricane Acres Marvin Gamay 9*M

1-11 305 3710 147

Pepperwood Frosty Shannon 2*M

1-11 305 3710 147

1-11 305 3710 147

Marvin Sons

*B Caravelle’s Jack Frost

Sire of 1982 National Show Jr. Dry Yearling

+*B Pepperwood Farm Frosty King

Litter brother to Frosty Shanon

Pepperwood Farm Frosty Merit

Caravelle’s Exacta

*B Pepperwood Farm Frosty Pepper

*B Pepperwood Farm Frosty Spider

Daughters and Linebred Grandaughters

Caravelle’s Frosted Rose 4*M

GCH Rancho Nuevo Jody *M

Marvin’s first daughter

Hi-Winds Shoo-Fly’s Secret 4*M

Wee 3R Marvin’s Romantic Song

GCH Pepperwood Farm Shenandoah

Rada’s Neila’s Hot Fudge

Wee 3R First Song

Sunburst Nova

GCH Wee 3R Frosty Hot Shot 3*M

Marvin’s Sons and Their Daughters

+*B Warpaint Acres Superbuck

GCH Monami Super Mist 3*M

GCH Monami Super Nasturtium 3*M

+*B Pepperwood Farm Frosty Joshua

GCH Velvet Acres Maiya 4*M

Buttertub Mirage *M

Top Ten Doe

Fauleens Angie

Amberwood Dairy Goats

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